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If you are seeking to build a positive online brand or identity for an EU-based company, organization, or even yourself, consider these facts:

**Wikipedia is now likely the first site Internet search engines will find when researching you.
**Wikipedia is now considered (because of its independence and editorial oversight) the most reliable source of online information on you (more so than even your own website).
**Wikipedia almost always is far and away the largest referring website to your own website from an SEO perspective.

Clearly, you need a Wikipedia plan. And we are leading global experts in all aspects of Wikipedia, including page creation, editing, and editorial guidelines and formatting. Our firm also offers a full range of public and media relations services, including content development, social media management, press release development and circulation, media outreach, brand development, and other important functions.

Do not neglect or underestimate the importance of your single most important online reference. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help!
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