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Government Job Resume creation, Job Application Assistance, and USAJOBS help!

Do you know your Federal Government Resume should be 5 to 15 pages long? Can you navigate the federal job application process? Do you know that your bullet points should be in paragraph form? Do you know what a "KSA" means and how to write to them? Want to know more, continue reading.

WHAT DO I DO? I lead you step by step through the whole federal government application process, including resume creation, bullet point development, KSA writing, and application submission.
This is not a scam, I am not a corporation. I am a Government Employee, and will not try and sell you other products. I work one on one with you through the entire KSA, and application process, I am your writer. When you hire me, it is a whole package. I review the job you want to apply for and ensure you qualify for that job. I evaluate the job posting and the OPM listing for your posting, and design your resume specific to that posting. I work with you to guide you through building your bullet points, and review the finished product before submitting. I review the application and help you navigate the application in an optimal manner, striving for you to be rated "Best Qualified". Once your application is submitted, I start to prepare you for an interview. I supply relevant interview questions and spend time discussing ways to answer an interview question that best describes your experience. We will mock interview, discuss interview attire, body language, and mannerisms. Once you get your job, I am available to answer questions about the hiring process. If this sounds like something you are interested in then give me a call or email and let's see if I can help you become the best qualified candidate. Please contact me at Kontaktinfo anzeigen (leave a message) or email me. Most consultations are over the phone, Take care. Matt

I am ex-military(Army), and have worked for 2 Government Contractors( Rockwell International, and United Technologies, and currently serve (just over 10 years) in the Government today. See my web site for more information about me and what I do, and pricing, thank you
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