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Mastermind Seeks Employment



Larry Hardiman has carried the tainted mantle of a criminal Mastermind for the last 25 years, bestowed on him by three governments. The elaborate international forgery, sales and importation schemes which he pulled off, netted him millions of dollars and, at one point, a lavish lifestyle to match....until he got caught

Legal Statement and Declaration

Mr. Hardiman and all parties involved stress that this offering is only seeking projects that for legal business purposes. All contacts made will be vetted to ensure that the information or consultancy will abide with the strictest rule of law. Counsel for Mr. Hardiman will do the initial vetting and participate through to contract signing. The facts of the Mr. Hardiman's life are verifiable events. This is not meant to be a FULL DISCLOSURE to any interested reader, film producer or publisher who may see possibilities in the experience or recollections of the writer. Full disclosure will be made as and when needed.

Larry will also entertain working with entertainment firms to either develop a fictional story based on his life or consult with production that involve a story line that reflects his experience.

His dark life experience will bring authenticity to any production. Mr. Hardiman has additional exploits that can be developed into full story lines.

For employment Larry offers the following:

The skills of corporate officer who managed a multi-million dollar enterprise located in five countries including product distribution, financial management and transaction, technology development, shipping and business development.

Please see website for further details and resume

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